Kiwi Foo Camp 2014

Kiwi Foo Camp is a private gathering of around 150 people from New Zealand, Australia, and the world. Invitees are doing interesting work in fields such as neuroscience, Internet applications, psychology, open source programming, art, business, physics, politics, and all manner of interesting science and technology. They network, share their works in progress, show off the latest tech toys and hardware hacks, and find new partners for collaboration.

Past attendees include: Bill English (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance), Kim Hill (Radio New Zealand; broadcast her show live from Kiwi Foo), David Cunliffe (ICT Minister, Leader of the NZ Labour Party), Mike Cannon-Brookes (Australian entrepreneur; creator of Confluence), Ian Welch (Victoria University; Internet Security and video game preservation), Quinn Norton (journalist; Body Hacking), Rod Drury (entrepreneur; Xero), Chris DiBona (Google; Open Source), Erica Lloyd (Bank of New Zealand), Heidi Leeson (Auckland University; Education), Jock Philips (Online Encyclopedia of New Zealand), Lucy Arnold ( creator; Crafter), Simon Wood (NIWA scientific programmer), Tony Bowden (TMTM; nomad), Zita Joyce (Aotearoa Digital Arts Network), Bill MacNaught (National Librarian of New Zealand), Vik Olliver (creator of the RepRap 3D printer).

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